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"Morning Kachina" based on carved figures of the Pueblo people used in storytelling. This is low-fire glazed ceramic statue with cut-outs so you can put a light source inside. It measure approximately 8" x 7"x 18".  This is the last one I made in a series that sold out in Palm Desert.  Price:  $300.00

This is "Koshare" .  It is based on a Kachina figure of the Pueblo people that is usually carved from the roots of a cottonwood tree.  Koshare is a character that leads several processions celebrated for giving candy and watermelon to the children and playing tricks on adults.  It is a low-fired glazed ceramic statue measuring approximately 10" X 7" X 20"  Price:  $300.00

" Victory" is an image from the Tarot deck representing conquering of petty desires with the use of spiritual guidance.  Victory drives a chariot and his body is the lid of this box being driven by sphinxes.  A castle representing the comforts of home are on the back.  It is a low-fired glazed ceramic measuring 8" x 8" x 15" approximately.  Price: $300.00

" Alma"  ("soul" in Spanish) is in process...It is a box and the lid is the sea urchin collar and head with Hindi hand worn like an eagle feather.   It is of low-fired clay and measures 8" x 6" x 18" approximately.   Price: $300.00 and you get to choose the colors if you buy it soon.

In process and coming soon......