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My studio is my "playhouse".  I have a comfortable stool and easel.  I sit and swivel from paints to painting then to water buckets.to brushes and begin again. If it's a small brush and I want to change the paint, I usually wipe it on myself then dip into another color.  I work on10-15 small 5x7 paintings at a time.  I add a bit to each one.  They tell me what is needed.  When no ideas come, I move on to the next painting.  After about an hour or so of little paintings, I work on the larger sizes on watercolor paper or canvas.  I paint mostly on weekends when I am working and daily when I am on vacation.

I have been painting for 26 years and will continue the rest of my life.

I love color and the more I put on, the more I have fun!