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I was taught to paint by Benigno Gomez, a nationally honored Honduran painter.  I had never had any art lessons and Mom says there were no pictures on the fridge of my art as a child. I saw his work in a Honduran gallery and had the chance to meet him at his art reception in 1984 when I was 30 years old.  His work was beautifully colorful and peaceful.  I asked him to teach me to paint.  He asked me to work with him on his English.  We painted for a year, usually Saturdays at his home.

 I begin each painting with a variety of shapes in yellow and orange. Placing the painting about 6 feet away and turning it around several times, I look into it to find images I want to paint.  If I see nothing interesting to me, I change the shapes and  again gaze into the lines to find my next painting. I have lived in many places and people's faces come out many times and it is in their finished eyes that I know a painting has a soul.

A wise island woman once told me that  birds land on the heads of peaceful people. At the time I thought that symbolized a harmonious nature I would like to emanate. I see in my paintings a reflection of my enjoyment of peaceful, colorful tales of fantasy and inexplicable magical moments and events.